NYC Composer | Producer | Artist

Collaborations, including Atom Strange, Atom Fellows, and Tanuja Desai Hidier.

Resonance is comprised of concise and moody instrumentals. Lush strings and minimal percussive musings start with a distinctively far eastern flavor, gradually drifting westward by the closing track. Mixed and Mastered by Tor Johnson.

Approaching Storm / Clarity / Waiting for 23 / Stillness / Entre Chien et Loup_Le Retour

Resonance EP

Vanishing Point is a collection of edgy textures and sundry flavors, pulsing rhythms and heavy grooves. Mixed and Mastered by Tor Johnson.

Retrograde Motion / Dragonflies / Firestarter / Ghost Town / Intermission / Blue Bells / Believe Me / Time Sweep / Days Past /Think About It / Goodbye

Vanishing Point


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